Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Play the Vocal Cords :)

So I went away this weekend to visit a friend who attends University of the Pacific in Stockton. It was really interesting experiencing a different dynamic of college than my own. I have felt a little embarrassed in the past that I don't attend some huge UC or highly acclaimed college, but I really got a great perspective of how to appreciate each school for their qualities. One of her roommates was really in to Hip Hop and we struck up a conversation about sampling and pretty much everything from the Cyberliberties reading from this week. It was really awesome.

Later that night, we all made bacon and without a working stove fan, we set off the smoke alarm in the dorm. About ten minutes later, the RA's came to our door and asked us what was up.
Roommate: Sorry, we burned the bacon...
RA: Yeah we know, we can smell it.
Roommate: .....
RA: We're going to have to call the Public Safety Officer.
(10 minutes later)
Officer: I'm going to need all your IDs.
Roommate: For bacon?

Wow. I was in shock. So the running joke now is an Excessive Bacon violation. Doesn't have to do much with this blog, but it's pretty funny. I really appreciate our music program here at CSUMB (Not the distance though!!). I'm glad that we have a one-of-a-kind Recording program.....


In class, we discussed our papers and especially our capstones. Nick was really helpful in informing us about what to look for, expect, start thinking about, and prepare for in our capstones.

Basically, the next 2 semesters' worth of MPA recording classes will prepare me for my capstone, which makes sense because its the accumulation of our skills learned at CSUMB.

Nick said to start writing now and get inspired to write an album because going into your capstone because you will have a lot easier of a time if you have everything ready to go, charts, lyrics, harmonies, etc. written!

On writing the paper, find something to write about that you love because the paper will end up being fifteen pages long!!! I'm thinking of writing on the voice, but not the technical aspect of the voice because that isn't what makes a good singer. Singing has to come from the heart. Like any instrument, one doesn't play amazing simply by playing perfect, excellence comes from the passion put into the playing. This part of the capstone will take a good amount of preliminary research as well because you have to LOVE the topic.

He also told me to find musicians that understand me to go behind my album. That will take a good amount of time to get to know everyone musically and socially. I'm actually on Adam's couch right now watching Star Wars lol got to get to know everyone!

The Golden Mean (from what I understood) is the middle point between two extremes: excess and deficiency. So, relative to the topic, I would have to say the Golden Mean is finding the middle point between doing nothing to prepare for my capstone, and doing too much before its time to take the capstone class. Be pro-active about the capstone, but there is sooo much that I can't do yet. Find the balance.

My thoughts on some possibilities of the album are to make an album completely made up of my voice, but that would be ridiculously difficult and I kind of want to work with a band on something like this. Maybe record the album with my songs that I have written (only the really good ones) and focus on the vocals and band as a collaborative whole....

I want to do a lot of the album myself because I want to be self-sufficient with my musical career when I leave CSUMB. One thing that has always scared me are drums. I don't know how to play them and I get scared and intimidated when I try. So I feel like I should take lessons or stop freaking out about it and do them myself! How else do I get over a phobia of something that I should not be scared of? Being self-sufficient was another idea for the paper as well.

After class, I got to have a nice pep talk from Nick. I told him that I am totally intimidated in class and by other musicians that can play multiple instruments. I can sing and barely play piano compared to some of the kids in my classes. He stopped me and told me to remember that my voice is an instrument that some people envy and that I should remember that I am a vocalist. It made a lot of sense. I forget about my voice when I watch other kids pick up the bass, the guitar, the drum sticks, the piano, etc. and I get so down on myself that I can't play any of those that great. So thanks Nick for the pep talk and for getting my head on right about this capstone!


Just because I can't play any other instruments doesn't mean I am totally incompetent as a musician.... because I PLAY THE VOCAL CORDS very well and I love it :) It truly is a passion.


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