Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found....

About 4 years ago, a summer program at Berklee College of Music in Boston seriously changed my life in every way possible. Not only did I find my social self and overcome a long battle of self-awareness, but I realized that even though I wanted to focus my studies on Astronomy and/or Biology, I was meant to be a musician. Music was always a tremendous part of my life, but it wasn't my passion because I had no idea what it felt like. I never sang from my heart until that amazing summer 4 years ago. It was a revolutionary moment for me.

Paul Stiller was my Musicianship and Dictation/Ear Training teacher. I wish I knew what I know now, because this man is incredible. Now, I absolutely love ear training and dictations. He taught us things that I only appreciate now. I thought he was joking when he asked the class to write down whatever he was playing. I didn't think people could even do that! I once was blind. I liked his class so much, that me and my friends went to see his "Vox One" performance across town one night. The group is a vocal jazz, ensemble, percussion type group that explores the immense possibilities of the human voice. It was a show to remember. The closing piece was a 5 part version of Amazing Grace. But now I see. 

Fortunately for me, I got in contact with Paul and he still remembers me :) I'm very happy that I get to do my paper on him because he had a hand in laying down the first few bricks of my path towards music and where I am supposed to be...


<-------- Paul Stiller, Ear Training Professor at Berklee

In this paper, we must address our subject's Aesthetic Properties of Style. Basically, the beauty within the form like an artistic statement. This quality is what brings the music, performance, lyrics, etc. together. 

Next is the subject's Compositional Process. We must identify and analyze the creative process and aesthetic qualities such as songwriting, arranging, and whatnot. 

This paper has to be in Chicago format. 

I'm a little scared because I have never had to write in anything other than APA or MLA and I'm really good at that. I have my template I've been using since 8th grade in my head and it gets me an A almost every time. Oh goodness, I hope Chicago format isn't crazy. Apparently its good for us :) Wish me luck..

There has to be 5 headings and ask myself for each "Why is this significant"???? Intro, body, conclusion, 5 pages, subheadings with around 3 to 5 sentences each, write the intro last..... 

What is a conclusion? .....oh it's a conclusion. ....You can't define a word with the word Stevie Rae. Oh.

So I went through my bank of people I could write this paper on that I could actually talk to and not until Drew said, "Form your own connections" did I stop and think about the people that I personally know that are awesome and in my field of study. I'm reading a book right now written by Pat Pattison, a Berklee professor, and so Paul popped in my head. Did some research, found out he's perfect for my project, and every time I go back to Boston or one of my friends goes to Berklee, I ask about Paul because he was so quirky, fun, and got through to me! 


I'm pretty stoked :)

Here's an example of one of his compositions. I like this one because he used this pattern of syllables to teach us rhythm, articulation, site reading, etc. And I still kind of know it lol

Kind of a 3 - Vox One, Composed by Paul Stiller

Berklee <3 Best Summer Ever!

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