Thursday, February 9, 2012

We Don't Riff. We Don't Improv. We Solo.

Basically, this is my favorite class besides 307 this semester because it's really fun! I am already learning how to play music better and how to practice better and sing better. It's pretty awesome.


This blog is going to cover the first 3 weeks of this class.

The first day, we all learned to play Sonnymoon for Two by Sonny Rollins.

This is my favorite piece so far because I really like the chord progression and the voicings have helped me play one of the songs for my 307 band.

We also worked on a lot of theory that I haven't had the chance to work on since I transferred here last year, which was really nice. I like theory a lot and I am excited for the independent group study that will hopefully get set up for next year.

Here's a terrible video from my Mac that I took this recent class period of some of us practicing.

Don't mind the gum and awful expression on my face, I was pretty tired! Other than that, we all did a really good job that day and practiced both songs and looked at one of the new ones we will get soon. And I go flat at one point. Oops.

Here are some pictures of my notes from the last few classes as well...


I am not quite sure what to put in this blog except pictures of my notes and videos of our practices... As the semester goes on, I think I will get the hang of blogging about the practicing and concepts.

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