Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Ethical Concerns You Should Know About....

No one wants to hear about you….

So don't offer to tell someone about yourself unless they ask you…

I like to talk about myself. And I truly think its because I am proud of myself for getting where I am. If the things I have accomplished didn't surprise me, then maybe I wouldn't talk about it the way I do.

But its true. Ask other people about themselves because you never know what someone might have to talk about or say. Especially if you're like me…. talk talk talk and totally oblivious hahah


So, this week is Ethical Concern week and I chose to write about the Commercial Felony Streaming Act or S.978 that was brought to Congress last May 2011.

The Act is causing crazy hype all over the Internet, the news, blogs, and congress. Copyright law is cracking down to include streaming. As of today, copyright infringement only includes the illegal downloading, distributing, and reproduction of copyrighted works, but not streaming.

The major issue is whether this new Bill is going to take down one of the most popular networking site today ---- YouTube. There are a few other sites that would be affected if this Bill is aiming to take down all kinds of streaming, but there are some reasons to believe it wont.

As the harsh and strict rules of copyright and intellectual property law push forward to seemingly over-protect copyrights, the Fair Use Doctrine pushes equally as far to protect what is considered the cultural commons. When the public goes nuts thinking artists like Justin Bieber is going to jail if S.978 is passed because he was discovered on YouTube, singing copyrighted Chris Brown covers, Fair Use shields him and the rest of us by creating exceptions for educational, scholarship, and research purposes and a few others.

<------- Kind of funny, totally not going to happen though... hahah

So the ethical concern in my topic is whether this Bill will affect YouTube, an streaming-based website, and other social networks…


I love doing covers of other people's songs. I love it when other people sing my songs. I love YouTube and the opportunities to explore the talent and knowledge that the site provides to the public for free.

Hopefully, this is not as extreme as everyone thinks!

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