Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Class of 2015....

Apparently, CMS Student and my Degree Progress Report thinks I'm going to graduate in 2015...

I'm hoping not. Seriously, that's ridiculous.


So, Drew has decided to start something called Peer Mentoring, which will basically pair 306 students with 308 students who are mixing their projects right now. It will prepare us for the next semesters of Audio Production in 307, Mixing and Editing in 308, and so on! This is a great idea and I can't wait to start!

I ended up taking responsibility for getting a schedule for meeting times between the two classes depending on whose free. It's a little uneven because there is a group that mixes during 306 class time, so they don't have as many visitors. Hopefully 308 doesn't get overwhelmed with us!

Anyways, here is the schedule and Brent will be sending out reminder emails 24 hours ahead of time so that we all get the chance to jump on this opportunity!

I enjoyed writing my MLO 3 paper on Paul Stiller as well. I'm glad that Chicago format wasn't as scary to switch to as I thought it might be. Actually, I think I like it more!

So, I found out that MPA is pushing to make MPA 300 qualify as a GWAR as it should because it seriously is worth way more credits than it is and challenges my writing with every assignment. Its not fair that MPA gets pushed to the side so often. We do work too.... Don't be jealous that we get to work this hard for something we love so much!!!! :)


Monday was slightly depressing for the class. We all had to work on our ILPs and schedules for next semester. I was surprised when I found out that my degree progress report estimates that I will graduate in 2015!!!! Whoaaaaa! No way Jose.

I think I am going to attempt to take 2 online courses this summer through my community college that will get my last 2 GEs out of the way. I wish I would have known ahead of time that CSUMB doesn't roll with the GE/CSU transfer guidelines. So annoying. Although, I have been pretty lucky with the amount of courses and credits that have transferred over especially in the music department. Thanks Drew.

So I am going to be taking 21 credits next semester. yeah.

  • MPA 307 Audio Production
  • MPA 340 Artistic Development
  • MPA 295 Special Topics
  • MPA 338 Music History Online
  • HCOM 403S GWAR (6 credits) ugh.
  • BUS 304 Writing and Critical Thinking

I think this is right. I am hoping this doesn't end up to be too much because I really need to get some courses out of the way. 


I made the Vagina Monologues. I got moved to Sound Tech at the BBC even faster because I came though last Saturday and did surprisingly great with no training :)))) Very proud of myself! And 21 credits. I think I will be okay....

2015 my ass.

<--- Hanging off the edge of a 4 story building last Friday :) 

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